TDS stages GULL sold separately for experienced divers can mount the necessary settings for your type of diving. But it is essential that they are well trained to use it, because otherwise you may incur a hazard

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TDS GULL stages are sold separately for experienced divers who can set the necessary settings for your diving conditions, but it is essential that divers are well trained in order to reduce risks.


  • First stage machined from a block of marine brass which is then chrome plated to increase corrosion resistance.
  • Balanced diaphragm pneumatically compensed
  • DIN connector that can be used at pressures up to 300 bar (4350 psi)
  • Adjustable intermediate pressure
  • Cold or contaminated water kit included
  • 5 LP output (low pressure). One on top of the revolving turret, 3/8 ".
  • 2 HP outputs (high pressure) 7/16 "
  • Adjustable intermediate pressure 0.35 +/- 9.7 bar (140 +/- 5 psi)


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