The Grimsey trilaminate drysuit is the newest addition to the TDS family of suits, offering a high quality, high performance trilaminate drysuit at the best price. 




The Grimsey is the great addition to the TDS family suits, offering a high quality, high performance tri-laminated drysuit at the best price. 

The Grimsey incorporates all the features of the high-end trilaminate drysuits: telescoping torso, diagonal front zipper with zipper cover, large capacity pocket and soft sock, facilitating the fit to a greater number of feet, giving lightness and allowing to turn the suit completely inside out for maintenance and complete drying.

The trilaminate fabric is extremely lightweight compared to a neoprene drysuit, making it very flexible and with great ease of movement. Another great advantage is its neutrality compared to neoprene when it comes to ballast management.


  • Highly flexible and lightweight trilaminate fabric.
  • Latex collar and cuff seals
  • Velcro® collar and cuff protectors
  • Metal front zipper with protective plastic zipper flap
  • Si-Tech inflation and drain valves (Shell and Argo)
  • Adjustable inner shoulder straps with quick release clips
  • High quality interior finish
  • Telescopic torso with crotch strap
  • Reinforced knees
  • Neoprene socks with reinforced sole
  • Large capacity zippered pocket
  • Neoprene hood
  • Cordura carrying bag-mat for transportation
  • LP inflation hose
  • Puncture repair kit, mineral talc and kerosene for the zipper


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